Words to live by.
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Jetta | "Crescendo" - A64 [S8.EP49]: SBTV

"Crescendo means to grow." Playing live for sbtvofficial

Had a flip through some golden oldies with noiseymusic for my Scrapbook » http://jetta.co/Noisey
It’s your turn #CRESCENDO 
#CRESCENDO has dropped! Go go go! http://jetta.co/CrescendoFB
Ready to roll at Calling Festival. See you at 1pm! 
IT’S HAPPENING! Join my Twitter Takeover on Tues 1st July over at https://twitter.com/maximumpop‪#‎JettaMaxPop‬
Getting ready for the weekend with these new tracks on Spotify » http://spoti.fi/1lVM6Zb
Err… So I’m opening the stage for #StevieWonder this Sunday. Say whaaat!?
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